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Toxic Ingestion in Dogs & Cats

Toxin ingestion is a common reason for emergency visits. Many items, foods, and plants commonly kept around the house can be seriously dangerous to pets when ingested – some can even be deadly. If your pet has ingested a substance that you know to be seriously or fatally toxic, head to an emergency veterinarian immediately.

You should always call ASPCA Animal Poison Control (888-426-4435) if your pet has ingested a potentially toxic substance. For an $85 fee, you can speak with an expert who can tell you if your pet is in danger, signs to watch for, and the next steps to take.

Deadly Toxins Include:

  • Xylitol (artificial sweetener found in chewing gum and sugar-free candies)
  • Lily flowers
  • Antifreeze and common cleaning or cooling products
  • Prescription medications

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