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Well Visits

Well Visits ImageEven if your pet appears to be healthy, it is important to bring them in for an annual exam every year. A thorough physical exam from your veterinarian is key to diagnosing, treating, and protecting your pet from diseases. Pets are often good at hiding illnesses, so routine wellness exams can lead to a healthier and longer life for your pet.

Our primary care hospitals provide their services to cats and dogs, and many of our doctors are also happy to see small exotic mammals such as rabbits, ferrets, and rodents - just give us a call and we'd be happy to discuss our availability. For pet birds, reptiles, fish, and other animals, our Avian & Exotics specialty service can also provide wellness and primary care services.

Puppy & kitten care

A new puppy or kitten is an exciting addition to the family, and the first months with your new pet can be a very busy time! We're here to get you started on the right foot. During your first visit we will provide you and your family with extensive information concerning your new pet, from behavior training to preventative care.

Each client leaves with a new puppy or kitten kit to take home which includes valuable information such as:

  • Preventative health care recommendations
  • Tips on socialization and training
  • Pet insurance information
  • Microchip identification information



Beyond our in-house pharmacies, we also have an online store available to make ordering food and prescription refills quick and easy. Free shipping is available for those who make an account.

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Although we do not offer professional grooming, Pieper Veterinary does provide medicated baths, skin treatments, and sanitary clips. Nail trims are offered free of charge during wellness exams, or can be scheduled separately as a tech appointment. Ear cleanings (as recommended by a doctor) can be performed regularly by our technicians.

What our clients say

“Pieper is like a second home to my dog… The staff is warm, friendly, and takes really good care of Lola. The facilities at Pieper are always clean and organized, and their billing and record systems are computerized and easily accessible online. I love that I can also reorder meds and other supplies online.”

Lena O.

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