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Pieper Veterinary is looking to partner with like-minded veterinary practices to expand a model of full continuum veterinary care. Veterinary medicine is changing – and practicing alone can mean significant financial, operational, and patient care challenges. Now more than ever, we’re stronger together.

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About Pieper Veterinary

In 1937 in the heart of Connecticut, Dr. Neil Pieper founded a small one-doctor veterinary practice for both farm and companion animals. For the next 50 years, he treated countless patients until his retirement in 1987, with the practice now in the hands of Dr. Robert Olson and Dr. Virginia Nunez-Olson. With the Olsons’ vision the practice grew rapidly, including a premiere 24-hour emergency and specialty center which opened in 2010. Following the Olsons’ retirement in 2022, Pieper is now led by the next generation – Tessa Olson, CEO, and Dr. Ben Olson, CMO. They look forward to continuing Dr. Pieper’s legacy of education, teamwork, and providing the very best medical care.

Partner With Us

When you join the Pieper hospital family, your clients will have access to a full spectrum of specialty, ER, and urgent care services – right near their home.

Pieper’s hospital network honors the autonomy of each doctor, supports the development of staff, and strengthens the veterinary care available in our communities.

Who We Are

  • Our Doctors Take The Lead

    We know that when veterinarians are in control of the medicine, the patients are in the best hands – that’s why doctor input is always the top priority for our administrative and operational teams.

  • We Create Hospitals Where Learning Happens

    We provide mentorship to new doctors, in-house continuing education, internship and residency programs, and technical training programs. We believe in life-long learning, and know that education is the best way to strengthen the veterinary profession as a whole.

  • A Full Spectrum of Care That’s Local To You

    We build communities of hospitals that work together to offer full-service veterinary care to our patients. Your clients will never need to worry about calling for referrals or gathering records – we provide everything their pet needs, no matter the problem, with affordable and advanced options.

  • A Safe Home for Your Legacy

    With more than 40 years of experience as a veterinary group, we understand that your hospital has its own unique culture and history that deserves recognition.

How We Support Our Partnering Hospitals

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  • DVM Recruitment

    Staff shortages are challenging for all of us – that’s why we have a dedicated recruitment team, along with a strong alumni network from our extern, intern, and residency programs.

  • Regional Administrative Support

    We provide a regional support team for assistance with marketing, HR, payroll, legal, benefits, IT and IT support, facilities, biomedical equipment, data analysis, and accounting & budgeting.

  • Operational Expertise

    From primary care to emergency and specialty, we have firsthand experience with the different stages of growth and provide operational support to help practices thrive in their community.

  • Education and Training

    Providing clear and accessible growth paths for staff increases retention and job satisfaction. Our training and development programs provide staff with opportunities for growth within your practice, ensuring high-quality care and maintaining culture.

  • Growing Your Practice

    We’re focused on creating premiere patient networks that service their communities in smart, efficient ways to maximize potential and make sure everyone is supported. Our guidance will help your hospital and your staff reach their full potential.

  • Ownership

    We believe the industry is stronger when more veterinarians have ownership. Talk to us more about equity options for you and your associates.

  • Focus On Retention

    Keeping your key team members on board is hugely important, and our management and training strategies focus on ensuring as little turnover as possible.

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