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If you've found a wild animal that appears to be healthy, please do not remove them from their environment. If you have questions or are not sure if the animal is healthy, please contact your local animal control, a wildlife rehabilitator, or DEEP Dispatch (860-424-3333).

  • For information or questions about wild baby rabbits, squirrels, and other small mammals, click here.
  • For information or questions about baby or fledgling birds, click here.

If the animal is injured or sick, please contact a state-appointment wildlife rehabilitator or visit the app Animal Help Now for local wildlife rehabilitator contact info. Pieper Veterinary cannot accept wild animals at our hospital, as it is illegal for anyone besides a state-appointed rehabilitator to provide care for wild animals.

Due to the risk of rabies and other zoonotic diseases, we strongly recommend you avoid touching any wild animals. If the animal is acting aggressively, approaching people or pets, staggering, stumbling, or dragging a limb, do NOT attempt to handle or approach them. Instead, call your local animal control or police department immediately.

Stray Animals

If you find an animal with no way of identifying the owner and the pet is healthy or has non-urgent injuries or illness, please call your local Animal Control or the Humane Society at (800) 452-0114. Due to space limits and the risk of disease, we cannot admit non-emergency stray animals to our hospitals.

If the animal is seriously injured or sick, we can accept them at our emergency hospital. Please call ahead to let our staff know that you will be coming in. When you arrive, you will be asked to complete a "Good Samaritan" form and provide a valid form of ID (driver’s license or state ID). Depending on your town’s animal control policies, we may also be required to contact animal control or a police officer to take a written statement.

All animals must be leashed or in a carrier before coming in – if you don’t have one with you, let our staff know and one will be provided for you.

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