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For New Clients

Thank you for choosing Pieper Veterinary for the care of your pet. We believe in treating every pet that walks through our doors the same way we would treat one of our own. At Pieper, your pet is part of the family.

Pieper Veterinary consists of seven veterinary hospitals in Central and Southern Connecticut – Visit our locations page for hours, directions, and more information for each hospital.

You play an important role in your pet’s health. When you come in for your appointment, let us be your resource. No question is too big or too small. Our focus is to provide you with the tools you need to be the best pet parent you can be.

What to bring to your first appointment, if possible:

  • Bring all vaccinations and medical records from previous hospitals or clinics (your veterinarian can fax them to our hospital).
  • Bring all medications your pet is currently taking.
  • If your pet is having any GI issues or is due for intestinal parasite screening, bring a fresh stool sample (litter on a sample is fine).
  • If you are concerned with something your pet may have ingested or have diet-related questions, please bring the packaging with you so the doctor can review the ingredients.
  • Bring in any questions you may have regarding behavior, diet, treats, toys, etc.

What our clients say

“Pieper is the premier veterinary hospital for any concerns regarding your pet. I have had wonderful and successful experiences with their dedicated staff and wish I could find a ‘people’ hospital that is so caring and knowledgeable! Do not hesitate for a moment if your pet is in need of any kind of care.”
– Shelley G.

For Pet Owners

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For Referring Vets

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