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Ovariohysterectomy (spaying) and castration (neutering) are very safe and routine surgical procedures performed at all Pieper Veterinary primary care locations. These procedures provide many health benefits to your pet and are highly recommended by our doctors.

After being neutered, males will have a lowered risk for prostate problems, testicular cancer, and perineal hernias. Females will be less likely to get mammary cancer and pyometra (a life threatening infection of the uterus), after being spayed. Spaying and neutering also eliminate the risk of unwanted pregnancies, which contribute to overpopulation of pets. In many instances, spaying and neutering help prevent undesirable behavioral issues such as urine marking, roaming, and the potential for aggression toward pets and people.

Prior to spaying or neutering your pet, your doctor will perform a full physical exam, including appropriate pre-anesthetic screening tests. The day of surgery, your pet will receive the utmost care by our surgery team, including admission by a surgery technician, complete anesthetic monitoring throughout recovery, and personalized pain management. Your vet will be happy to discuss spaying and neutering with you, and answer any specific questions you may have about your pet and the procedure.

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