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The field of veterinary medicine is constantly growing – whether it’s a new piece of technology or equipment, advanced testing and research revealing previously unknown information, or innovative new surgical and treatment techniques to help our pets heal stronger and faster. At Pieper Veterinary, we believe it is extremely important to stay on the forefront of these advancements in order to provide the best care possible for our patients.

Continuing education programs – CEs – are frequently held at our Pieper locations to help keep our staff educated on the latest news and updates in veterinary medicine. In addition to learning from our peers, Pieper also operates as the teaching hospital for Middlesex Community College’s Veterinary Technology program, where staff help new students learn what it takes to be a veterinary technician. CEs are also offered to the public to educate curious pet owners and pet professionals on how they can help their pets live long, healthy lives.

Pieper Veterinary is proud to be a RACE-approved facility, offering a variety of Continuing Education every month.

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