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Veterinary Technology Program

Hands-On Learning: A collaborative program between Pieper Veterinary and Middlesex Community College

Pieper Veterinary and CVVA are excited to collaborate with Middlesex Community College in their Veterinary Technology Program!

Students in the Veterinary Technology program at Middlesex Community College will work with clients and pets at Pieper Veterinary.

Hospital staff will take on an active role in training up-and-coming veterinary technicians. Veterinary technician students are present, supervised, learning, and adding extra attention to the needs of clients and their pets.

The Veterinary Technology Associate Degree program is offered in collaboration between Middlesex Community College & the Pieper Veterinary Hospitals. General education courses are held at the College, while those courses requiring specialized laboratories, equipment, and hands-on practical experience are held in the hospital setting.

Visit the MxCC Program Page

To learn more about the Veterinary Program at MxCC, contact:

Dr. Chris Gargamelli
Program Coordinator of Veterinary Technology
Middlesex Community College

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