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Cat & Dog Seizure Symptoms

Seizures are episodes of convulsions or “fits” due to abnormal brain activity that can be caused by a wide variety of different triggers or illnesses.

Seizures can range in severity from mild (dazed look, disoriented, one part of the body twitching or spasming) to grand mal (full-body, loss of consciousness, erratic and extreme movement or shaking).

Seizures that are frequent (more than two within 24 hours) or prolonged (more than five minutes in duration) should be treated by an emergency hospital immediately.

What To Look For:

  • Two or more seizures within 24 hours – these are referred to as “cluster seizures”
  • A seizure that lasts for longer than 5 minutes

If your pet has a first-time, single seizure that is less than 5 minutes in duration, you should contact your regular veterinarian and schedule an appointment. If your pet has a history of seizures and has a single, short-duration seizure, follow the advice of the veterinarian managing your pet’s treatment.

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