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Cat & Dog Dystocia (Trouble Giving Birth)

If you have a pregnant pet who is showing signs of having trouble giving birth (“dystocia”), it can quickly become a medical emergency. It’s extremely important that you are prepared and ready to assist during the birthing process, as difficult labor may be fatal to both the offspring and mother.

Some breeds of cats and dogs are highly prone to birthing troubles and frequently need c-sections, such as French and English bulldogs and toy breeds.

What To Look For:

  • Active labor for 4 hour or more with no puppies/kittens being born
  • After birthing at least 1 puppy/kitten, active labor for more than 2 hours with no additional puppies/kittens being born
  • Entire duration of labor lasting 24 hours or greater
  • Abnormal vulvar discharge (excessive bleeding, foul odor, dark green)

Your primary care veterinarian should be able to help assist your pet during the pregnancy, including x-rays to know how many puppies/kittens to expect and information on how to help with the birth and nursing.

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