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RVC Pet Epilepsy Tracker

Help us track and manage your pet’s seizures more accurately. The Royal Veterinary College in the United Kingdom has developed a seizure app that allows us to track your pet’s seizure frequency, medications, and to provide more consistent feedback about control. It is a great way to improve communication between you and the Neurology Department at Pieper Veterinary.

Download the free app

Go to your mobile device’s app store and search for RVC Pet Epilepsy Tracker. It is available on Google Play for Android devices and iTunes App Store for Apple devices.

Within the app:

My Pet

This tab allows you to enter information about your pet. You can fill out basic information including age, sex, weight along with a history of the seizures and prior work-up.

Medication Log

This tab allows you to enter information about current medications and changes made to medications.

There is also a helpful Reminder tab under the “Medication Log” that will send you alerts when it is time to give the medications.

Seizure Log

Here you can enter seizures as they occur. You can specify the type of seizure (focal vs generalized). You also have the option to add a significant amount of detail about the seizure and what happened after the event.


This is the function that allows you to send information to us regarding your pet’s seizures.

First, go to the Contacts tab under My Pet. Here you will add us as a new contact. Enter the email address neurology@piepervet.com. Important: this email is not for general questions or emergency contact. If you pet is having a seizure emergency, please call Pieper Veterinary at 860-347-8387 or your closest emergency hospital.

Updates should be sent once a month so we can continue to monitor seizure control.

Please call with any questions regarding this app and its set up. We would like to thank all the hard work put into developing this app from the folks at Royal Veterinary College. Together we can improve seizure control and better your pet’s quality of life!

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