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Success Stories

The Pieper Foundation was created in order to assist families with financial difficulties whose pets require emergency veterinary care. Below are just some of the pets whose lives have been saved thanks in part to your generous donations.

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Emme the Basset Hound was only 10 months old when she suddenly fell gravely ill. The normally-cheerful and bouncy puppy was so sick that she could barely lift her head up and was struggling to breathe. After rushing her to Pieper, our veterinarians determined she would need emergency testing and surgery in order to survive, which her family was unable to pay for. However thanks to the help of the Pieper Foundation, Emme was able to immediately get the testing and surgery she needed, and made a full recovery. With the hard work of our doctors and staff and the generosity of the Foundation grant, today Emme is back to her happy and exuberant self.


(Quote from Emme's owners about how the Pieper Foundation saved Emme's life).




Bear, the 7-year old Pomeranian, was severely injured after a neighbor's larger dog broke into his yard and attacked him. The fight left Bear in critical condition with many bite wounds and a badly broken leg that needed to be amputated in order to keep him pain-free. A grant from the Pieper Foundation to his family ensured that he was able to receive all of the care needed. After spending several days in the hospital and undergoing surgery, tough little Bear was able to return home to his family to continue his healing. Today, Bear is (confirm with family - happy, healthy, eats his favorite foods, etc) thanks to the aid of the Pieper Foundation.

(Quote from Bear's owners about how the Pieper Foundation saved Bear's life).




Oliver the 2-year old Pug was brought to Pieper's emergency room for trouble breathing after he was in a car crash. Imaging revealed that part of Oliver's lung had twisted and would require surgery to correct. The Pieper Foundation supplied a financial grant to Oliver's family to ensure that he would be able to receive this treatment, and Oliver successfully underwent surgery and hospitalization to repair his lung. Currently, Oliver is (confirm with family - happy, healthy, eats his favorite foods, etc) thanks to the kindness of our donors through the Pieper Foundation.

(Quote from Oliver's owners about how the Pieper Foundation saved Oliver's life).

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