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Directors & Management

Frank Bernosky

Facility Manager

Natasha Cuevas

Pieper-Olson Hospital Manager

Dr. Krystian Dabrowski

Veterinarian, Primary Care Medical Director

Valyn Dolinski

Specialty Floor Manager

Jesse Ferguson

Director of Marketing

Ally Fotheringhame

Madison & Essex Hospital Manager

Kate Gorton

HR Manager

Dr. James Hammond

Board-Certified Veterinary Neurologist, Medical Director

Sean March

Client Care Manager

Kelley McGuire

HR Director

Maggie Murphy

Specialty Hospital Manager

Alexandra Neal

Referral Manager

Dr. Virginia Nunez Olson

Practice Owner

Patrick O'Keefe

Director of Recruitment

Dr. Robert Olson

Practice Owner

Tessa Olson

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Ben Olson

Board-Certified Veterinary Neurologist & Chief Clinical Officer

Donna Pengal

Financial Controller

Stephanie Pieta

Emergency Hospital Manager

Jane Piggott

Berlin Street Hospital Manager

Lauren Ronalds

Emergency Hospital Manager - Inpatient

Chris Ruggiero

Technical Director & Educational Director

Sue Sergey

Director of Operations

Gianna Stavola

Specialty/ER Financial Manager

Todd Wilcox

Specialty/ER Hospital Director

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