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Dr. Robert Olson

Practice Owner

Robert Olson, DVM

Dr. Robert Olson is a veterinarian and one of the owners of Pieper Veterinary. In 1972, while in high school, Dr. Olson began working with Dr. Pieper who inspired him to become a veterinarian. In 1981 he received his DVM from Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine.  As a veterinarian he worked with Dr Pieper on both farm animals and companion animals, with an interest in surgery.  He and his wife, Dr Virginia Nunez purchased the practice in 1985 and over the years grew it into the Pieper Veterinary of today.

Dr. Olson is originally from Portland, Connecticut and lives with his wife, Dr. Nunez, co-owner of Pieper Veterinary. Their black lab Sparky is a fixture in daily life at the office. Outside of work, Dr. Olson enjoys hiking and traveling.

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