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Dr. Nicholas Schipper

Associate Veterinarian - ER

Nicholas Schipper, DVM

Dr. Nicholas Schipper is an associate veterinarian and part of Pieper Veterinary's rotating intern class of 2022-2023. A Connecticut native, Dr. Schipper graduated from the University of Connecticut with an undergraduate degree in Chemistry, and obtained his degree in veterinary medicine from Purdue University in Indiana. Coming from a family of several veterinarians, Dr. Schipper is proud to follow in their footsteps and help make a difference in the lives of pets and their families.

When not working, Dr. Schipper always enjoys some good food and a cold drink, watching and playing sports, and is always happy to discuss the trials and tribulations of the Minnesota Vikings. He lives with his girlfriend and their cat, who is equally enthusiastic about greeting them after work and waking them up at 5am for breakfast. His favorite aspect of being a veterinarian is being able to advocate for his patients, and be able to witness the amazing human-animal bonds we share with our pets.

Special Interests:

  • Small animal general practice

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