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Dr. Francesca Vadurro

Emergency Veterinarian

Francesca Vadurro, DVM

Dr. Francesca Vadurro is an emergency veterinarian at Pieper Veterinary. Originally from a small town in New Jersey in the Philadelphia suburbs, she graduated from Rutgers University with a BS in animal science, with a concentration in pre-veterinary medicine and research, and also studied psychology and physical anthropology. Dr. Vadurro graduated from the University of Florida with her degree in veterinary medicine and has a special interest in the field of neurology and neurosurgery. She completed a year-long internship at Pieper Veterinary with our neurology specialty department before beginning her career in emergency medicine.

Dr. Vadurro has always been fascinated by veterinary medicine, even playing pretend-vet as a child, and her favorite part of her job is being able to help fix animals and return them back to their loving families. She lives with her new German shepherd puppy and when not working enjoys yoga, video games, and listening to true crime podcasts.

Special Interests:

  • Neurology
  • Neurosurgery

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